Last Chance To See The 2016 Adele Tour!

If you enjoy going to concerts then we have an amazing treat for you this year! The one and only Adele tour 2016 is going to be going all over the world to share her amazing new music from her hit album 25. It’s been a long time since any of us have been able to see this incredible singer up close and in person, but after a break of many years she is finally ready to dust off her boots and perform for the fans yet again. Tickets are not easy to get, so you should buy yours while we still have some in stock! You have probably heard that all the venues are sold out, so if you wait too long they might all be gone!

It isn’t too long now until her shows are going to officially begin. It looks like that the first Adele fans that will have the honor of seeing her initial shows will be in Europe because that is the first place she will be having her concerts. Those guys over in Europe must be feeling pretty lucky right now. Her inaugural show will be on 29 February in Ireland. This is the first official stop on her world tour in 2016. She has performed at an awards show or two, and at a few warm-up shows over in the USA, but this is the first date that is a part of her official live performances.

Once her first show is over in Ireland, she will be going from one corner to the next in Europe hitting all of the important cities over there. During the first leg of Adele’s concerts she will only be performing in European countries. It’s not until the second leg begins that us over here in North America will finally be able to behold this musical goddess. Thankfully there are lots of dates scheduled for the North American leg of her concerts. It’s probably not too surprising that most of the shows will be happening in Canada and America.

It’s not like she won’t be performing in any other countries besides these two, but the majority of her concerts will take place in those two countries. As an example of how she will be breaking her American and Canadian concert monopoly, her final performance will be on November 15th over in Mexico in the city of Mexico City. She picked an excellent way to finish up her shows, a sunny and relaxing place like Mexico is a great way to help her forget about all the hard work she would have put in over the past year.

And it is going to be quite a lot of work indeed! She is going to be performing more shows than 99% of all other touring musicians in 2016. Right now she has 105 performances on the books for this year, and these shows will see her making stops at cities across the world. The world only just got the news that we were going to be treated to a brand-new Adele tour just a few short months ago. In the tickets only went on sale for the European dates in the beginning of December. The North American fans had to wait until mid-December to be able to purchase tickets to those dates.

Even if you knew that those tickets were going to go on sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you could successfully purchase tickets. Many ticketing websites crashed because there were so many Adele fans trying to get seats! She said many records as far as selling out different venues goes. In some cases it only took one or two minutes before all the tickets were gone. Luckily we still have some seats left! You’ll definitely want to pick up your tickets before all your chances for seeing the 2016 Adele concert are gone!